Planning studies / feasibility studies.

Cost of industrial plants.

Creating time schedules.

Basic flow chart, process flow images, pipe and instrument flowsheet.

Rebuilding of existing GMP-plants during incessant production, installations in explosive areas or the design and installation of sterile and clean rooms and production areas which require the optimisation of the four essential criteria "cleaning possibility, sterilisability, particle freeness and corrosion resistance".

Preparation of equipment-, motors-, valves-, piping-, instrumentation- and control lists, with all the information on size, design, performance, temperature, etc..

Specification of equipment, aggregates, valves, fittings.

Calculation of pressure vessel to approval by German Boiler Code.

Static calculation of pipelines, vessels, tanks, wall thickness calculation, calculation of stress, stress calculations, finite element ect. in in collaboration with an approved statics. program PIPE II.

Preperation of pipe classes, calculation of piping.

Construction of pipelines to create of pipe-work drawing and isometries.

Incorporation of existing or newly created work standards.

If the host of existing facilities (e.g. for subsequent alteration permits)

Documentation for manuals ect. In popular file formats. Dxf.. DGW. ... Tif

Site supervision, assembly supervision, construction management industrial plants / Civil Engineering / Building.

Coordination between various engineering companys.

Shaded graphs can from 3D piping plans are generated, for brochures, trade fairs.

Animations from 3D models, such as flight systems, interactive facility tours.